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attorney Brad Lund

Attorney Brad Lund

Thank you for visiting the 2019 relaunch of my website. I've spent nearly two decades as a licensed attorney assisting hundreds of people. I have closed my doors to private practice and am offering my services to industry and other attorneys as a consultant and translator of law and emergent technology.

What Do I Translate?

Law and code serve a similar function: express complex ideas into recognizable terms for everyone to use. Many people I've met look at law and code the same way: a bunch of complex words that make it more difficult for anybody to use.

Coders and lawyers both know that the languages we use aren't the most accessible, and much of our efforts are used to explain to others how the language can benefit them either through instruction, or presentation of the final product (application, settlement agreement, contract, license, etc.)

I have over two decades of experience understanding both the law, and code. I can help bridge the gap and translate how technology and law affect one another. I can relate to both the trial litigator and the technology specialist in presenting matters to people who don't have backgrounds in either technology or law. I can assist presenting legal services into applications and other technical platforms. I can also assist the technicians understand how the law serves the attorneys, courts and public.